This new series, Shout Hallelujah!, still in progress, is about fear, apprehension, and negativity being replaced by hope and optimism.  My work is often about contrasts, emphasizing the flat surface of the canvas with the illusion of space and contrasting real and imaginary images.  In my new series I also emphasize contrast by juxtaposing the childlike renderings from my journal drawings with my realistic tropical flora and fauna imagery, with a little humor.  The juxtaposition exaggerates the difference between real and realistic, with whimsy and impetuosity.  

The first painting in the Shout Hallelujah! series is Shout Hallelujah, Come on Get Happy.  This is a large painting with much going on.  There are many faces…people, animals, statues, real objects, cartoonish drawings, and many different expressions.  Some expressions show fear and some show smiles.  Most are pensive, amazed, or apprehensive.  There is a growling bear and a sweet looking kitten.  Another image is of a tuxedo on a hanger, ready to go out on the town.  There are paper airplanes and toy airplanes and fanciful smiling airplanes.  I’ve included star shapes of landscape imagery, which are celebratory and white stars which shine.  The palm fronds and the water can resemble streamers. There is activity, nervous energy, and turmoil.  The colors are loud and bright and happy.  Things might seem troubled or bad, but life is good.  Maybe we can be optimistic…maybe not.  You may write your own tale. 

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